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Archive: 2020


The basis of the implemented CHENKO-BUD project was the idea of safe disposal of chicken manure with litter, which is classified as hazard class IV. In turn, the energy that is generated in the process of burning poultry manure is used to supply heat to agricultural production facilities.


This is the result of two years of work. In September 2018, the company filed an application for registration of TM CHENKO-BUD, and on August 25, 2020, certificate No. 281443 was received, but this is an end in not  itself. The registration of the trademark is further evidence of the company’s ambitions to gain leadership […]


The industrial poultry industry of Ukraine generates almost 3.3 million tons of litter per year – said in open source. 1/3 of this generation, this is litter droppings after growing broiler chickens – this share is determined by calculation from the total production of commercial poultry meat.   We take the figure of 1.1 million […]

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