Design, manufacture and supply of equipment, construction and installation, warranty and maintenance of energy facilities.

The CHENKO-BUD company has registered its trade mark

This is the result of two years of work. In September 2018, the company filed an application for registration of TM CHENKO-BUD, and on August 25, 2020, certificate No. 281443 was received, but this is an end in not  itself.
The registration of the trademark is further evidence of the company’s ambitions to gain leadership in the energy design market. Our plans are to set even higher standards in qualified design. We would like the name “CHENKO-BUD” to always be associated with high qualifications, reliability and competence in everything we do.

Registration of the trademark means that CHENKO-BUD is in the alternative energy sector for a long time. For our team, our name is not an empty word. We value our reputation and by registering a trademark, we want to emphasize once again that an honest name is hard to earn and easy to lose. We are ready to confirm our qualifications now and always.