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Industrial energy engeneering

“CHENKO-BUD”  is a limited liability company which was founded in Ukraine at the beginning of 2015. Industrial material and technical resources of the company are based on thesupport of the largest global manufacturers of boilers and supporting equipment. Business strategy of the company is based on four directions.

The first direction is deal with the implementation of natural gas substitution in Ukraine. It is about construction of the steam and water-heating boiler-rooms, drying complexes, thermal power stations that use solid biofuels. Today this direction promotes the active and rapid development of the company.

The managers and the leading specialists of “CHENKO-BUD” completed from the school of implementation of  turnkey gas-substitution projects in Ukraine during 2009-2014.

Currently the project department of the company has more than 20 employees. Qualifications of the chief engineers and the architects are certified by The Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, and Communal Living of Ukraine and by The National Union of Architects of Ukraine. All specialists of project department have the huge work experience in the power and thermal power industries, metallurgy, cox-chemical and chemical industries.

Паровой котёл на лузге подсолнечника
Steam boiler on sunflower husk.

In the projects as the main equipment the company uses tested steam, water-heating and thermal boilers, working at the following types of fuel:

  • Sunflower pod, rice and buckwheat pod. Boilers with a steam generating capacity from 10 to 25 t/h and water-heating boilers from 1 to 15 MW.
  • Poultry farming waste – a laying of hen houses (poultry excreta with sunflower or straw pod). Boilers from 10 to 25 t/hour and water-heating from 1 to 15 MW.
  • Rectangular bales of straw of cereals, rape straw, triticale (hybrid of rye and wheat), flax. Power ratings of boilers are from 1,5 to 5 MW and steam from 3rd to 20 t/hour of steam.
  • Wood chips, sawdust, wood cropping (max. length is 50 cm), bark, peat. Humidity maximum to 55%. Power ratings of boilers are from 1 to 15 MW and steam from 2nd to 25 t/hour of steam.
Котёл для сжигания тюкованной соломы
Boiler for combustion of baled straw.

All boilers are necessarily completed with steam or air soot blower devices.

The company approaches a choice of the capital ancillary equipment in all seriousness, namely:

  • The pipelines and grinders of preparation and submission of fuel in boilers.
  • Systems of boiler water preparation.
  • Conveyors of deleting slag and ashes.
  • Cyclones, hose filters and electric precipitators for cleaning of combustion gases.

          Use of a soot blower system allows to exploit boilers without stopping and deteriorations in technical characteristics till 8000 hours even on especially contaminating biofuels – a laying of hen houses.

Thanks to powerful designer department of the boiler equipment the company continues to master new types and kinds of biofuel. The “CHENKO-BUD” company organized the accredited laboratory allowing to analyze and study properties of alternative types of fuel in details.

The second direction is gas-tube boilers, waste heat recovery boilers and technological power boilers. This equipment is widely applied in the metallurgical, chemical, glass, pulp-and-paper, petrochemical and coke-chemical industry.

Steamthree-wayfiretubeboilerswithcapacityfrom 2 to 25 t / h aremanufacturedbytheItaliancompanylicense, quality, competitive, adaptedtothetechnicalcharacteristicstotheUkrainianconditions.

The nomenclature of boiler of utilizers is created on the basis of domestic and foreign experience and checked in operation. The nomenclature of boiler utilizers are divided into the following series: gas-pipe, water pipe tunnel, convective, and radiation and convective.

Power technological boilers developed by designer department of the enterprise allow to make nitric acid, sulphurous anhydride, synthetic rubber, carbonic acid, to neutralize gases, hydrosulphuric with different compounds, to burn sulfur, etc.

The third direction – is the realization of projects with the use of heat generators, steam and hot water boilers running on different types of coal.

Котёл для сжигания древесины и торфа
Boiler for combustion of wood and peat.

The company applies the HTCBL (The High-temperature Circulating Boiling Layer) technology to burning of this type of fuel. Today it is the single technology allowing to burn high-ash low-calorie coals and to conform to ecological requirements of the Ukrainian legislation. The furnace device (an chute grate of return motion) of HTCBL is the cornerstone of construction of a boiler.

And the fourth direction is a manufacture of pipelines of high pressure:

  • bent leadouts, knuckle, stamped;
  • pipe connection;
  • unions
  • T-couplers are equal, transition.
Паровой котёл с топкой ВЦКС
Steam boiler with a furnace ” HTCBL “

For projects implementation of the “turnkey” “CHENKO-BUD”  company the appropriate licenses on all-construction and commissioning, mounting of engineering constructions, technology equipment, mounting of internal and external engineering networks are obtained.