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Fuel handling

Some projects feedstock – fuel feeding it to the combustion in boilers, can adversely affect the stability of the production of thermal energy (steam or water). For frequent raises two issues: the size and humidity.

For most projects, boiler burning wood chips professionals use highly mechanized mills both domestic and European.

To ensure uniformity fraction of liquid biofuels as chicken manure with litter or wet peat, the company manufactures and supplies rotary-disc grinders capacity from 1 to 15t / h.

Вид измельчителя ИД-300
Type grinder ID-300
Измельчитель ИД-300_2
Grinder ID-300_2
Измельчитель ИД-300_1
Grinder ID-300_1

Structurally, the shredder working part consists of: two shafts with hard disks attached to them, which are mounted in bearings, made from the working area shredder. The drive shaft each from the electric motor, via a belt drive. In the case cutter set longitudinal grid through which the discharge material.

The raw material fed into the shredder hopper in the area of rotor discs where crushed by impact and abrasion. The shredded material through the gaps between the disks and classification play wakes up in the discharge device. The size of the output piece 5-7mm

Disc rotors for self-cleaning in the central zone and zones camera shredder installation of reflectors.

Pre ensuring sustainability sized piece of fuel in the future uniformly feeding fuel for burning in boilers with tilt-perehtvhuyuchoyu grating – can achieve a high degree of fuel burn and thus increase the efficiency of the boiler.

In cases where it is necessary to reduce the moisture content of fuel CHENKO-BUD company successfully implements drum drying and drying facilities.