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At the straw

Котёл для сжигания тюкованной соломы
The boiler for combustion of baled straw

The basic criterion from comparing this alternative source of energy with the classically used energy system based on the combusting of fossil fuels is decreasing of greenhouse gases production. Whereas the burning of coal, petroleum and natural gas releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is one of the most significant „greenhouse” gases, the emission of carbon dioxide isn’t increased by the combusting of organic fuels, as practically the same amount the carbon dioxide released in the bur-ning is consumed from the atmosphere during the photosynthetic processes when the organic biomass is created. By the substitu-ting the burning of fossil fuels with the burning of biomass, the emission of carbon dioxide is eliminated.

Основные компоненты котла англ

Description and purpose

The VESKO-S boiler is independent with entirely welded box construction. The lower part of the boiler forms grate case, walls of combustion chamber are cooled by water. Grate is cooled by combustion air and it is controlled by hydraulic gear. Waste gases go trough first draft of conventional exchanger, then they continue into double draft separate water exchanger. Waste gases are sucked away From boiler through dust off system by flue exhauster and they are leaded into the chimney. Fuel (trusses) is supplied by fork lift truck into area under stacker. Then stacker gives trusses on the conveyor which is moving them into cutting device. Here are trusses hoisted into vertical chamber, separated by means of knife and pushed by piston via cooled tunnel on the boiler grate. The fuel way is blocked by gate (water cooled shutter) when piston moves back so that recombustion would not occur.
Boilers are designed for heating plants of a central heating supply and industrial plants.

They are produced in following sizes:

Thermal output 2,0 - 5,0 MW
Operating over-pressure0,3 - 0,6 MPa
Operating temperature 90 - 110 °С

Топливоподача котла на тюкованой соломе
Fuel boiler on straw bale


Waste gases exhausted from the boiler into the atmosphere comply with emission limits and they are in accordance with act about atmosphere protection No. 86/2002 Col.


Grain straw, rape straw, triticale, flax about moisture max. Wr = 17%, calorific power min. = 13,9 MJ/kg, ash content max. A’ = 5,3%, in the Form square truss of sizes:

  • width 1,2 m, height 0,7 to 1,2 m, length 2,2 to 2,5 m
  • truss weight From 200 to 350 kg
Котёл для сжигания тюкованной соломы
The boiler for combustion of baled straw

Guaranty Fuel For reaching of the power.

Grain straw of the parameters:

  • Moisture max. 15 %
  • Calorific power min. 14,2 MJ/kg
  • Ash content max. 5,3 %


Nominal output of boiler МW 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0
Maximum working over-pressure МPа 0,6
Maximum temperature of output water °С 110
Water quality according to CSN 077401
Under-pressure in combustion chamber 200
Output temperature of wastes °С 150
Efficiency of boiler % 87
Fuel consumption in nominal output kg/hod 594 891 1 188 1 485
Basic dimensions of boilers
Height of boiler mm 4 400 4 800 4 800 5 400
Length of boiler mm 6 300 6 500 7 000 7 300
Width of boiler mm 2 200 2 200 2 200 2 200
Dead weight (dry) kg 60 000 70 000 80 000 85 000
Water volume м³ 18,5 19 21 23,5
Service weight kg 78 500 89 000 101 000 108 500
Notes: The producer reserved the right to change data in association with the development of the products.

Advantages of the conception

Fuel feeding. Stocking trusses by forklift truck into the columns under the crank stacker minimize necessary area for storage and handling with straw. Dividing of straw truss in the cutting device has a minimal energy demands and there is not necessary any other adjustment of the truss before entering the boiler (for example removing a rope), load of the knife is minimal there is no need to change it often.

Подача топлива
Fuel supply

Combustion chamber. Combustion chamber is completely cooled by heat transfer fluid, walls of the combustion chamber creates exchanger. Combustion chamber cooling minimizes inherent ash sintering.

Perfect automation of the boiler. Boiler runs in full-automatic operation, the combustion is optimised on the basis of under-pressure in the combustion area and through a surplus of oxygen in the combustion products. The fuel feed and the movement on the grate is regulated in accordance with the fuel’s characteristics. All measured quantities, interventions of the safety equipment and defects are transmitted to the dispatching system.