Design, manufacture and supply of equipment, construction and installation, warranty and maintenance of energy facilities.

Water conditioning

Qualitative preparation of water is extremely important for the operation of the boiler. The control of the water that enters the boiler is no less important than the control of the fuel on which the boiler is operating: an illiterate approach to the operation of the water treatment system leads even the most qualitative equipment to frequent breakages.

As part of the project team of СHENKO-BUD there are specialists with extensive experience in the creation and operation of water treatment systems. Depending on the initial data – water quality and water requirements for boilers, the selection of equipment for water treatment is carried out, its quantity is determined.

Also, the company СHENKO-BUD cooperates with contractors who specialize in the manufacture of equipment and design of engineering systems for water supply, water disposal, water preparation and water treatment. Based on the actual scope of work, the company СHENKO-BUD can attract contractors to install systems for cleaning, processing water and industrial effluent, adjust the water and chemical regime and develop technological maps for the assembly and adjustment of equipment.