Design, manufacture and supply of equipment, construction and installation, warranty and maintenance of energy facilities.


The whole range of services provided by the company is divided into 3 main stages:


  • Stage of preparation of the technical and commercial proposal
  • Stage of execution of design works
  • Stage of construction


At each stage there is a group of professionals – a team of engineers in all the necessary areas. The Directorate guarantees the professional organization of all stages of work and the finished product.

Preparation of technical-commercial proposal 

  • Departure of the group leading specialists to the facility;
  • Photo and video recording of engineering communications and structures;
  • Inspection of building structures and structures;
  • Familiarization with existing equipment;
  • Collection of source data and archival project documentation;
  • Collection of fuel samples and performing the necessary research in our own laboratory;
  • Technical meeting with the Customer and the formation of the main goals and objectives;
  • Heat-technical calculations;
  • 3D modeling with the creation of the main architectural forms of the future object;
  • Technical and economic calculation and calculation of the efficiency of capital expenditures;
  • Presentation of the company’s offer.

Execution of design works

  • Inspection by a certified engineer of building structures of buildings and structures;
  • Execution by a certified engineer geodetic survey of the construction site;
  • Preparation of the task and execution of engineering-geological surveys;
  • Obtaining urban planning conditions and building restrictions;
  • Collection of source data (ТУ) according to building codes;
  • Preparation by the certified chief engineer of the project task of design;
  • Development of the design schedule;
  • Development of project documentation for all necessary stages: feasibility study, preliminary design, project, working draft, working documentation;
  • Development of estimate documentation;
  • Project examination passing;
  • Obtaining a building permit.


At all stages of the design, the leading experts of CHENKO-BUD headed by the Directorate provide assistance to the Customer on the issues of necessary approvals and permits. Thanks to the company’s activities, in various regions of Ukraine, at the operational level, interaction with state structures and departments has been worked out.


Development of design estimates and design documentation is performed on modern licensed software. 3D design allows to provide high accuracy of design solutions.

Stage of construction

  • Preparation of a detailed Construction Schedule;
  • Preparatory work;
  • Author’s supervision;
  • Technical Supervision;
  • Construction and installation works;
  • Manufacture and supply of equipment;
  • Mounting work;
  • Commissioning works;
  • Commissioning.