Design, manufacture and supply of equipment, construction and installation, warranty and maintenance of energy facilities.


Thanks to the close work of the company’s leaders with the leading scientific and educational institutions of Kharkov (KhNUGH named after AN Beketov, NTU KhPI and KhNU named after VN Karazin) and the city of Dnipro (NMetAU), the engineering center CENKO -BUD includes two powerful design departments:


  • Department of design of industrial heat-and-power engineering objects (boiler-houses, heat and energy center, thermal power station).
  • Department Design of objects of civil and social purpose (shopping centers, schools, kindergartens, cottages, etc.)


Industrial Heat and Power Engineering

This is the main activity of the company. The project department has more than 50 specialists from different directions:


  • Technical inspection of buildings and structures;
  • Engineering geological and geodetic geodetic surveys;
  • Reinforced concrete constructions;
  • Metal constructions;
  • Thermomechanical and technological solutions;
  • Electrotechnical solutions;
  • Automatic control system and instrumentation.


For all the design solutions proposed by the company CHENKO-BUD, are responsible:


  • Chief Project Engineer – 3 persons;
  • Design engineer – 3 persons;
  • Engineer surveyor – 2 persons;
  • Certified Inventory Engineer.


All are certified and have received the qualification certificates for the works connected with creation of objects of architecture: engineering and building designing in a part of maintenance of safety of operation.


Civil and social purpose

The project department includes a staff of 5 leading specialists.