Design, manufacture and supply of equipment, construction and installation, warranty and maintenance of energy facilities.

Laboratory research

The availability of its own modern laboratory, as well as a large number of portable measuring devices, allow the engineers of CHENKO-BUD to obtain all the necessary data promptly and reliably with a high degree of reliability:


  • Chemical composition of boiler water and water treatment systems;
  • Chemical and fractional composition of flue gases;
  • Chemical, calorimetric and physical characteristics of solid fuel (biomass).


The reliability of the initial data for the company CHENKO-BUD are predominant, both at the stage of developing the design of the main equipment, and when selecting auxiliary equipment.

Highly competent laboratory specialists provide a wide range of analyzes:

Water analysis

  • The hydrogen index (pH);
  • Anions (carbonates, hydrogen carbonates, chlorides, sulfates, nitrates, nitrites);
  • Cations (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, ammonium, iron);
  • Mineralization;
  • Dry residue;
  • Total hardness;
  • Total alkalinity.

Analysis of flue gases and gas-air mixtures 

  • CO;
  • NOx;
  • The solid fraction (dustiness).

Analysis of solid fuel 

  • Determination of the mass fraction of total moisture, ash content, volatiles yield, mass fraction of total sulfur, net calorific value;
  • Determination of density;
  • Determination of bulk density;
  • Determination of length and diameter;
  • Determination of the particle size distribution;
  • Determination of the mass fractions of carbon and hydrogen;
  • Determination of the mass fraction of nitrogen;
  • Determination of the mass fraction of chlorine;
  • Determination of melting temperature of ash;
  • Determination of the chemical composition of ash.


The obtained solid fuel analyzes are used to simulate the combustion process and study the effect of fuel properties on accident-free operation of equipment.


To date, the archives of the laboratory have the results of complex analyzes of the following materials:

  1. coals brown, long-flame gas, anthracites, etc .;
  2. Straw straw, straw granules;
  3. chicken litter with a litter of sunflower husk;
  4. chicken litter with straw litter;
  5. non-bedding chicken litter;
  6. Ungranulated sludge;
  7. Waste of corn (stalks, leaves, cobs);
  8. wood chips of different types of wood, granules of wood chips;
  9. husk (husk) of sunflower, sunflower granules;
  10. lignin, lignin granules;
  11. peat, briquettes of tora;
  12. The ospiral wasps;
  13. dry residue of biogas plant.

Лабораторные исследования от ЧЕНКО-БУД