Design, manufacture and supply of equipment, construction and installation, warranty and maintenance of energy facilities.

Collection of source data

At this stage, the engineers of Chenko-Bud will arm you with all the necessary information for:


  • Definitions of the main characteristics of the future project for the formation of a business idea.
  • For the beginning of design works in the conditions of the already existing business idea of the construction object.


Thanks to the fruitful work of today’s company executives and its staff, in the period 2009-2014 in the information archives of the engineering center has accumulated a huge amount of information.

All available projects for the development of alternative energy in Ukraine and replacement of natural gas, the company’s archivist separates into reconstruction objects and new construction sites.

Оbjects of reconstruction 

  • Steam and hot water boiler-houses for distilleries;;
  • Steam boiler-houses of chemical plants;
  • Drying departments for raw materials for the cement industry;
  • Hot-water and steam boiler-houses of meat-processing enterprises;
  • Industrial heating networks;
  • Steam boiler-houses of thermal power station plants;
  • Steam boiler-houses of oil-extraction plants (oil-fat plants);
  • District and city heat and power stations;
  • Boiler-houses and heat power plants of metallurgical, chemical and by-product coke plants;
  • Steam and technological boiler-houses of cardboard and paper enterprises;;
  • Hot-water and steam boiler-houses of cheese-dairy enterprises;
  • Hot-water boiler-houses of hothouse complexes.

Оbjects of new construction

  • Hot-water boiler-houses on biofuel (baled straw) for heating of poultry farms;;
  • Energy complexes for electricity generation on biofuel (chicken litter);
  • Industrial heating networks;
  • Steam boiler-houses of meat-processing shops and mills;
  • Mini district significance heat and power stations.


Due to the experience and competence of the Chenko-BUD engineers, in combination with the individually developed strategy of the initial data collection phase, the technical and economic characteristics of the facility at the commissioning stage exceed expectations.