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No need to build anymore and exploit storages for litter droppings!

The industrial poultry industry of Ukraine generates almost 3.3 million tons of litter per year – said in open source. 1/3 of this generation, this is litter droppings after growing broiler chickens – this share is determined by calculation from the total production of commercial poultry meat.


We take the figure of 1.1 million tons as the initial data and a little below we will demonstrate the potential of the litter-dung mass (hereinafter LDM) as a fuel in alternative heat power engineering.


Primarily, we note that the average LDM ash content is 13%. Accordingly, 1.1 million tons of dung in CHENKO-BUD boiler plants turn into 143 thousand tons of ash.


This  prospect interested PJSC MHP. There is no longer the need to build huge warehouses and storage facilities for LDM, and wait for those 2 times a year when you can put LDM into the soil.


Completed in July 2020 designing a steam boiler house for Mironovskaya Poultry Farm, and a comprehensive state examination has been successfully carried out.


The boiler house with a design heating capacity of 25 MW safely utilizes 70 thousand tons of dung during the year, which is only 6% of the generated LDM in Ukraine.


From the operating experience of 4 implemented projects for the combustion of LDM, after steam boilers:


  • ± 60% – slag (non-combustible impurities: sand, etc.)
  • ± 40% – complex phosphorus-potassium-calcium fertilizer.


   Main conclusion: From 1.1 million tons (~ 500,000 m3) of LDM we get 86 thousand tons (~ 70,000 m3) of slag and 57 thousand tons (~ 37,000 m3) of ash.


Since 2018, the demand for a mixture of slag and ash has been felt by Dneprovskaya APGK (Zaporozhye), which launched the 1st stage Energy complex  on electricity generation from biofuel in Nikopol. The market value of 1 ton of the mixture is around UAH 1,000. VAT included.


One of the main advantages of ash, it does not contain chlorine, so it is used for plants sensitive to its excess – potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, currants, grapes. Read conclusions NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CENTER “INSTITUTE OF SOIL RESEARCH AND AGROCHEMISTRY named after A.N. SOKOLOVSKY “(NSC IPA).


The potential of LDM as a fuel for combustion in CHENKO-BUD boiler plants can be realized in 3 main options:


  1. Obtaining saturated steam with a pressure of 1.3 MPa and a temperature of 194 ° C.
  2. Obtaining a heat carrier – hot water with a temperature of 90 ° -110 ° C
  3. Obtaining superheated steam with a pressure of 3.9 MPa and a temperature of 440 ° C.


Average indicators of heat and electric energy production when burning 1 ton of manure with bedding (sunflower husk, straw, wood chips, peat, etc.).

With such verified and confirmed in operation by indicators, the annual generation of LDM will allow to generate in Ukraine from 1,430 to 2,508 GW of heat or from 473 million to 746.9 million MW of electric energy.


Average technical indicators, from the combustion of chicken manure with litter, in the implemented and current projects of the CHENKO-BUD company.


±10% is indicated due to the inhomogeneity of the fuel in terms of calorific value.




  • The efficiency of boiler units is not less than 82%.
  • The guaranteed time of trouble-free (non-stop) operation of the boiler is 6 months (4000 hours)




General Director of CHENKO-BUD LLC

Kharkov, Ukraine.