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«New construction of a steam boiler with a steam capacity of 15 t / h on municipal solid waste»



Base for the preparation of a technical and commercial proposal


This proposal has been prepared on the basis of:

  • – Customer’s interests in the project of installing a steam boiler for the disposal of municipal solid waste (hereinafter referred to as MSW)
  • – Technical task
  • – Organizational and technical negotiations


1. General part.


This technical solution provides for the construction of a new steam utilization boiler house in Vietnam.

The main equipment is one steam solid fuel boiler with a capacity of 15 t / h steam with Рexcessive. = 13 kgf / cm ², saturated.

Possible layout solutions are presented at 3D video.


 2. Justification of design capacity. Data on the availability of raw material base.


On the territory of the boiler house, it is planned to utilize from 2.5 to 4.0 t / h of MSW with a humidity of 50% and a morphological composition:

Taking into account the average indicators of the morphological composition of the MSW and the installation of the sorting line, we take the calorific value of the MSW of at least 10.5 MJ/kg (2500 kcal/kg) at a humidity of 50%.

Next, we determine the minimum possible steam production t/h.


According to the calculation results, we take the steam capacity of the new boiler house to 14 t/h.

For a stable and uniform production of steam on a fuel that is unstable by technical characteristics, we foresee a system for drying MSW. The main task of which will reduce the moisture content of MSW from 50 to 35%. In the case of incoming MSW humidity from 60-70%, the design of the drying system provides for an increase in its drying capacity. Steam is used as a drying agent.

Next, we determine the possible minimum steam production at a moisture MSW of 35%.



According to the calculation results, we take the steam capacity of the new boiler house 15 t/h.

The main consumers of steam will be:

  • Turbogenerator facility – 2pcs.
  • Steam consumption 12 t/h for two turbines with a pressure of 1.3 MPa and T = 194 ° C.
  • Heaters feed water boiler from 104 ° С to 145 ° С
  • Steam consumption 1.1 t/h with a pressure of 1.4 MPa and T = 194 ° C.
  • Primary and secondary air heaters of the boiler from 15 ° С to 70 ° С
  • Steam consumption 0.4 t / h with a pressure of 1.4 MPa and T = 194 ° C.
  • Own needs of the boiler house (direct-contact deaerator, chemical water treatment)
  • Steam consumption 1.4 t/h with a pressure of 1.4 MPa and T = 194 ° C.
  • Drying system.
  • Steam flow after 2 turbines 12 t / h with a pressure of 0.12 … 0.4 MPa and T = 104 … 142 ° C.

These Technical and Commercial Offer proposed the installation of a steam boiler E-15-1.4P (hereinafter referred to as the “boiler”) with a capacity of 15 tons of saturated steam per hour with a pressure of 1.4 MPa and a temperature of 194 ° C.


3.Steam boiler Е-15-1,4 Р


15 t / h superheated steam (Рexcessive=1,3 MPa) and temperature 194°С.



The boiler is equipped with air-cooled mechanical obliquely repulsive grate furnace, representing tilted to the horizon grate forward motion. The grate consists of alternating moving and fixed furnace bars, made of heat resistant and high strength cast iron alloy. Mobile furnace bars one end lie on fixed furnace bars, the other end lie on a movable trolley, which makes a reciprocating movement from the hydraulic rods. Fuel flows to the moving furnace bars of the front of the grill, with which it pushes into the depth firebox and burn down, leaves the firebox in the form of slag.

The combustion chamber is formed by gas-tight membrane panels (photo 1), the screens are front, rear and two side.

The exit from the combustion chamber is through the festoon at the top of the rear screen. In the second (down) duct, evaporative heating surfaces are located. Under the flue, to collect the fly ash, ashtrays are installed.


                                                      Photo 1. Gas tight screen of a steam boiler.


An economizer, an air heater of the primary blast, an air heater of the secondary blast are sequentially installed in the lifting and lowering ducts.

The economizer (photo 2) – coil-pipe. Coil-pipes – smooth-tube, horizontal, with a corridor arrangement of steel pipes. The flow pattern of feedwater is countercurrent.


                                                                         Photo 2. Economizer


Air heaters (photo 3) – tubular smooth-tube, with a horizontal arrangement of pipes. One-way by gas, two-way by air.


                                                                                                  Photo 3. Air heater.


Slag and ash from the grate (firebox) are poured onto the scraper conveyor and discharged from under the boiler.

For cleaning heating surfaces from fuel ash system provided soot blowing ferry Clyde Bergemann (Germany). The system is based on 3 semi-extendable soot blowing PS-HB 830mm stroke and 8 radial blowers DB stroke 0 mm (see fig. 2). Environment for soot blowing – superheated steam t=250˚C. Steam consumption – up to 0.25 t/h.


                                                                                                  Fig. 2. DB radial blower


In standby mode of the steam blowing system, superheated steam enters the condenser.

The condenser is a shell-and-tube heat exchanger of the “steam-water” type with a thermal power of about 110 kW.



This heat energy can be used for heating or hot water supply.

Fuel combustion is multi-stage. The following is fed into the furnace chamber of the boiler:

  • primary air – under the grill obliquely repulsive grate primary air fan. Supply via air heater;
  • secondary air – in over layered space by secondary air fan. Delivery is carried out through an air heater;
  • tertiary air – in the zone of exit of combustion products from the combustion chamber. The supply is carried out by a secondary air fan through nozzles on the side screens.


The removal of combustion products is carried out by a smoke exhaust.



Smoke exhauster is supplied from the manufacturer on a single pedestal, which significantly reduces installation time and no additional impeller balancing is required.



                                                                          Basic parameters of the boiler


The term for manufacturing a set of equipment is 9 months with the right of early shipment.


                                                                                                     Payment schedule


All boiler elements will be prepared for transportation in containers.