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New strategic partner of the “CHENKO-BUD” company.

Together with the company “AKTIVPHARM”, representing the interests of “KABLITZ” in Ukraine, a meeting was organized with the participation of the management of the companies “KABLITZ” and “CHENKO-BUD”. During the negotiations, the possibility and relevance of joint work of the two companies on the Ukrainian power equipment market was discussed. The parties exchanged information on their achievements, experience and technical approaches used in their projects.

Both companies “KABLITZ” and “CHENKO-BUD” expressed their interest in working together and agreed to prepare joint proposals for current projects in Ukraine.

We hope that the “KABLITZ” company will acquire a qualified partner represented by the “CHENKO-BUD” engineering company, and “CHENKO-BUD”, in turn, will be able to offer Ukrainian customers complex solutions using power equipment of the highest level.