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Experience, which can reduce gas consumption by 80%


Many enterprises in Ukraine switch to biofuel. The cost of natural gas is constantly growing, which stimulates the search for ways of gas refusal. So, in 2012 enterprise “Poultry farm “Dnipro” LTD., Nikopol city, Dnipropetrovsk region due to the project of the company “CHENKO-BUD” cut a gas consumption by 80%. The main objective of the project was the construction of two hot water boiler on straw, with a capacity of 5 MW each.

These are the first Ukrainian boiler rooms of such power on straw. The features of the project will be described below.


As per customer’s order it was necessary to replace the use of natural gas in two structural business units of enterprises by 80% using biofuels – burning of own straw in rectangular bales.

It was done due to the construction of two heating (water-heating) boilers on 5MW each at two different stages of cultivation. The general electrical power consumption of the boiler room —  to 215 kW.

   In both boiler rooms was installed by one boiler, made on manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic. The total length of heating systems on two poultry farms are 16 400 m. The prime fuel is the rectangular bales of straw 1,2 m wide, 0,7-1,2 m high and 2,2-2,5 m long. The weight of one bale is from 200 to 420 kg.A straw consumption is 5 bales/hour. The bale of straw is supplied without a large number of application in the electric power, almost without noise and dust, is divided into smaller parts and, if necessary, is supplied  to a grid-iron lattice of the combustion chamber.

The principle of the boiler room is fully automatic: straw periodically pushed to the grid-iron lattice of boiler. The grid is divided into 4 independent sections, movement of the lattice excites the straw that ignited under the influence of x-ray energy of the lighting arch and primary air supplied. Over a grid-iron lattice of the boiler unit the secondary air is supplied via adjustable burner atomizers, and for a full afterburning in the top part of the combustion chamber is burner atomizers of tertiary air. The sides of the combustion chamber are not equipped with a lined, however formed by the heat exchanger walls cooled by water. So there is a continuous energy rejection owing to what straw on a lattice doesn’t bake and ashes aren’t formed on walls of the combustion chamber and the heat exchanger.

   Combustion gases are filtered in modern hose filters. Due to a design of boilers and interactions with hose filters all ecological indicators of work of a boiler room are in norm.

As a result of correct calculations and smooth operation of two boiler rooms during the 2012-2015 the customer was able to heat 60 hen houses for growing broilers, replacing natural gas by 12.9 million m3 of straw.

    In the boiler room work two persons. Thanks to it by the beginning of 2016 all capital disbursements during the construction period were paid off.

Today a similar boiler capacity from 3 to 20 MW, while the cost of natural gas, are paid off after 2.5-3.2  years, depending on the length of heating systems.

Design of a boiler room and thermal networks was carried out by the “CHENKO-BUD”LLC. The stage “P” (the approved part) was executed in 30 days, and the stage “R” (working documentation) – in 60 days.

The design was carried out in close cooperation (by continuous coordination and cooperation) with the design department, which is located in the Czech Republic.

The customer conducted construction itself under architectural supervision of the “CHENKO-BUD” LLC. The general duration of the construction, taking into account design, was 7 months.



The “CHENKO-BUD” company  carries out complex engineering in the sphere of alternative power engineering –  the creation and maintenance of generating object during its life cycle.

It is a young and ambitious company which entered the thermal energy market of Ukraine as a self-organizing team in the year 2015. The team includes both “top guns” of industry,  leading designers and specialists from Boiler-and-Turbine Research Institute of Ukraine and Russia, and talented youth, which stood at the origin of the alternative energy of Ukraine.They are professionals who not only have experience in building thermal energy objects, but also widely use modern technology  of business process quality control, innovative software programs and technology in their activity.


Directions of activities

  • design and manufacture of main and auxiliary boiler equipment
  • delivery of special equipment
  • delivery of building materials and constructions;
  • construction and erection works
  • logistics