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Experience replacing natural gas with biofuels


In the period 2015-2016 LLC “CHENKO-BUD” has successfully completed a number of projects in two stages “Project” and “Working drawings” in alternative power system.

These projects aim at gas-replacements and heat supplies of objects of agricultural industry. Due to project management of Unit Engineering Center, all projects were successfully tested in state construction expertise.

The basis of natural gas substitution projects laid down the idea of bio fuels burning  –  a laying of hen houses (poultry  excreta with sunflower or straw pod). So, the group of companies “Dneprovskaya” (Zaporozhye) begins construction of the  “Energy complex on power generation 6MW”.

The project received a positive environmental-expert evaluation of the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of Ukraine.


Total system energy saving in Ukraine requires a search for alternative forms of natural energy resources and managing their use due to the introduction of new technologies for the production of electricity and thermal energy. The solution to this problem contributes to the significant savings in part of the decrease in the use of natural gas for the production of thermal and electric energy.

One of alternative renewable types of biofuel are the main production waste of poultry farms – a laying of hen houses (poultry  excreta with sunflower or straw pod) which has the (IV) hazard class.

Сombustion temperature of poultry excreta is 2500±500 kcal/kg, thus this poultry farming waste is at the level of other types of biofuel (straw, wood and some type of coal).

Burning 1 t of  poultry excreta allows to receive up to 2 Gcal of heat in the form of heated water or up to 3 t of steam for technology needs, replacing up to 270 m3 of natural gas or to 240 kg of liquid fuel (fuel oil, heating oil).

The most promising  action of utilization of the poultry excreta is combustion it in boilers company CHENKO-BUD and generating electric and thermal energy. In addition, the combustion of poultry excreta is formed up to 10-15% of ash from the number of the original poultry excreta.

Based on the results of the laboratory analyses of the National Scientific Center “Institute for soil science agrochemistry research named O.N.Sokolovsky” this ash is a complex phosphate-potassium-calcium fertilizer with high content of trace elements in the soil and can be used for different cultures instead of mineral fertilizers.

Фабрика ФорматовФабрика Форматов20160517_143421
Мounting of steam boiler E-12, 1.3 R on poultry excreta

Ash is also used to neutralize the acidity of the soil. At the same time, when using open landfills poultry farming waste decompose, emitting toxic and greenhouse gases pollute the environment. According to the World Health Organization poultry excreta of poultry farms  may be a factor in the transfer of more than 100 pathogens.

Thus, the main production waste poultry farms (a laying of hen houses), first is an alternative type of biofuel, and on the other hand — environmentally  dangerous  waste,  polluting the environment, harming human life and health  in the area of poultry farms, and requires disposal.

Therefore, the problem, which is solved in this object  “The energy complex  with  electricity  to  biofuel»  actual and perspective.

Establishment of combustion technologies, bio-waste recycling and energy production at a time when Ukraine decides on questions of conservation, and is seeking EU membership, makes this topic timely and has economic, environmental and social value.

Фабрика ФорматовФабрика Форматов20160517_143502
Мounting of steam boiler E-12, 1.3 R on poultry excreta


LLC “CHENKO-BUD”  offers comprehensive solutions for  useful utilization of biofuels and solid household waste.

  • Project Department guarantees the execution  of projects with compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian national construction regulation and environmental regulations.
  • Design Department of boiler equipment guarantees stable and uninterrupted operation of boilers up to 8000č without stopping.
  • Functional department guarantees of European quality
  • Directorate guaranteesprofessional organization of all work stages and the finished product.