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CHENKO-BUD management at public hearings on the construction of a boiler house in the Cherkasy region

CHENKO-BUD, which in May 2018 completed commissioning works at the Energy Complex for biofuel power generation in the city of Nikopol, visited the site with a scheduled inspection.

CHENKO-BUD specialists visit the Energy Complex on a monthly basis in order to monitor the technical and environmental performance of the facility. During such visits, the company’s specialists are studying regime maps, performance indicators and equipment operating modes. Also, CHENKO-BUD specialists, using gas analyzers, independently take corresponding measurements from a chimney.

The peculiarity of the work of the Energy Complex in Nikopol is that when burning chicken manure, it is not smoke that comes out of the chimney, but warm air that is not visible to the human eye and has no odor. Velex bag filters provide high-quality cleaning of chicken litter from solid particles at the Energy Complex. Thanks to the use of these filters, the dust concentration does not exceed 15 mg / m3.

During the audit, the specialists of CHENKO-BUD did not find any new gases and were independently convinced of the absence of smoke in the chimney of the boiler house of the Nikopol Energy Complex.