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Experts CHENKO-BUD visited Ivankovskaya TPP

As part of the preparation of new commercial proposals for the construction of power plants operating on alternative fuels, the experts of CHENKO-BUD visited Ivankovskaya TPP (Ivankov village, Kyiv region, Ukraine).

In the course of acquaintance with the object, experts of the CHENKO-BUD received feedback from the operation department about the operation of the main and auxiliary equipment.

Positive and negative feedback from TPP personnel was taken into account by the engineering center of CHENKO-BUD with the aim of applying technically successful solutions and eliminating design errors and errors of equipment manufacturers.


Иванковская тепловая электростанция

Иванковская ТЭС

Специалисты ЧЕНКО-БУД на Иванковской ТЭС