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CHENKO-BUD management at public hearings on the construction of a boiler house in the Cherkasy region

September 17, 2018 representatives of the company CHENKO-BUD took part in public hearings, on which the issue of construction of a solid fuel boiler house in the administrative boundaries of the Stepanets village council (Cherkasy region, Ukraine). The project of a solid fuel boiler with a capacity of 20 MW is handled by specialists of the company CHENKO-BUD, commissioned by the PJSC “Mironovskaya Poultry Factory” (MPF).

The delegation from CHENKO-BUD included:

  • Tkachenko Anton Alexandrovich – the head of the company;
  • Budnik Igor Anatolyevich – Technical Director;
  • Vashchenko Igor Vladimirovich – Chief Project Engineer.

During the hearings, the representatives of CHENKO-BUD provided the public with information on the project and answered questions related to the new construction of the boiler house.


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