Design, manufacture and supply of equipment, construction and installation, warranty and maintenance of energy facilities.

Steam boiler CHENKO BUD trademark

Thanks to digitalization, EDC CHENKO BUD is now available to design and develop boiler equipment, incl. development of steam and hot water boilers according to individual customer requirements.


The CHENKO BUD team is aimed at creating the strongest Ukrainian brand (product, company, brand, technology), with access to the world leaders of engineering companies and EPS contractors.


Soon a new Ukrainian energy steam boiler will start operating in Ukraine, the “name” of which will end with -ENKO.
For example: Shevchenko, Kobzarenko, Tkachenko, Melnichenko, Vaschenko, Babenko.


Lists of 17th century Registered Cossacks studied by historians show 60%
the presence of people with the surname on –enko.It arose more often from the names, nicknames, profession of the fathers of young Cossacks.


Astrologers and numerologists have long been studying the influence of the first and last name on
human destiny. What about a nation? If the Ukrainian dictionary
surnames are full of semantic form, which is, as it were,
derivative for the younger generation, then we can safely say, and with
you can’t argue with that: the Ukrainian people are a young, strong nation.


What about a steam boiler? If in the references there are 25 working steam boilers on biofuel, over 11 years of design, then we can safely say that with
You can’t argue with that: Ukrainian boilers CHENKO BUD are modern, highly efficient, environmentally friendly and trouble-free operating all year round.