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CHENKO-BUD experience in using sleeve filters in the flue gas cleaning system of biofuel boilers

Pursuing engaged in the development of an innovative for Ukraine project of the Energy Complex for the generation of electricity on biofuel (Nikopol), the engineers of CHENKO-BUD set themselves the task of reducing the dustiness level of the flue gases in the boiler chimney. As a result, it was decided to install a sleeve filters in the flue gases cleaning system, which made it possible to achieve lower dustiness indicators compared to an electro-filter based gas cleaning system.


For a long time, there were discussions among specialists about the advisability of installing a sleeve filters behind biofuel-fired boilers. The main argument of experts in favor of electrostatic precipitators was the controversial claim that such filters are less susceptible ignition.


The high degree of automation of the boiler produced by CHENKO-BUD LLC and the enormous practical experience taking into account the peculiarities of fuel combustion allowed the company’s engineers to foresee the installation of a sleeve filters in the gas cleaning system. When choosing a hardware developer, CHENKO-BUD engineers studied the dustiness indicators and the reliability of bag filters from different manufacturers.


Then the company engineers conducted a series of tests and measurements of the performance of the complex at various loads. According to the test results, the experts determined that when using sleeve filters, the dust content level of the flue gases in the emission source (chimney) varies between 10–20 mg/m3. This figure corresponds to European standards and more than double below the permissible level of dust in accordance with current sanitary standards and regulations.


According to the results of tests of the sleeve filters and measurements of environmental indicators, made during the commissioning work at the Power Complex in Nikopol, the full compliance of the filter with the declared characteristics and technical parameters of the equipment was confirmed. The quality of the installed equipment and the correctness of the manufacturer’s choice are evidenced by its long and trouble-free operation at the Nikopol Energy Complex.


The head of CHENKO-BUD company Anton Tkachenko: «As Project Manager, for five years I studied the use of bag filters, communicated with colleagues from Ukrainian and European companies. After analyzing all possible solutions, we, together with specialists of the company, made a decision in favor of the installation of sleeve filters. As a result, thanks to the unique tandem of highly automated biofuel boilers and sleeve filters, we were able to realize the construction of the complex, the environmental indicators of which correspond to the European level».


Project reference:

  • The construction of the 1st stage of the Energy Complex for the generation of electricity on biofuel (Dnipropetrovsk region, Nikopol) was completed in early 2018.
  • On May 31, 2018, commissioning and complex tests of the boiler at rated load were completed.
  • To date, the object is officially commissioned.
  • According to the design capacity, the processing of 1 ton of chicken manure with litter allows to get up to 2 Gcal of heat in the form of hot water or up to 3 tons of steam for the technological needs of the enterprise.
  • The Recycling of 1 ton of chicken manure with litter on the Energy Complex in its volume replaces up to 270 m3 of natural gas or up to 240 kg of liquid fuel.