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Modernization of the agitator bunker at the Energy Complex in Nikopol

In the process of commissioning works at the “Energy complex for biofuel power generation” facility (Nikopol, Ukraine), the CHENKO-BUD specialists identified errors in the selection of the gear motor and the agitator for one of the positions of the most critical equipment of the fuel path — bunker-agitator volume of 30 m3. Specialists of the engineering department of our company have developed a new agitator node that ensures the operation of the bunker.


According to the technical characteristics, the modernized bunker agitator can provide a three-hour supply of fuel in front of the boiler – chicken manure with mat, that fully complies with the design characteristics and requirements of regulatory and technical documentation. To implement the reconstruction project, a relevant agreement was concluded between CHENKO-BUD and Dneproenergoresurs.




The video above shows the manufacturing process for one of the key components – spline shaft with a diameter of 130 mm, and the processing of the control caliber shaft on the agitator. The splined shaft will connect the planetary gear motor manufactured by the Italian company Rossi with a 30 m3 bunker agitator (see photo and video below).


Соединительная деталь мотор-редуктора Rossi и ворошителя


Соединительная деталь мотор-редуктора и ворошителя