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Delegation of CHENKO-BUD at the scientific-practical conference in Poltava

The delegation of CHENKO-BUD took part in the scientific and practical conference held by ING ENEA MATTEI (Italy) in cooperation with INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS (Ukraine) in Poltava on the topic: «Rotary vane compressors. Facts and myths».


During the conference were discussed:
– constructive solutions for rotary lamellar compressors;
– comparison of energy consumption of various types of compressors and factors affecting the change in this parameter;
– operating costs for the production of compressed air;
– the possibility of using rotary-plate compressors ING ENEA MATTEI;
– operating experience of compressor equipment ING ENEA MATTEI at various enterprises of Ukraine.


CHENKO-BUD specialists visited the exhibition of the innovations of the company ING ENEA MATTEI, which demonstrated the operation of compressors in the current production conditions, discussed the features of the maintenance and repair of rotary plate compressors.


Приглашение на конференцию «Роторно-пластинчатые компрессоры. Факты и мифы»

Делегация ЧЕНКО-БУД на конференции в Полтаве

Начальник технологического отдела ЧЕНКО-БУД Старостин Е. А.

Специалисты ЧЕНКО-БУД на конференции в г. Полтава

Главный инженер ЧЕНКО-БУД Ващенко И. В. на конференции

Специалисты ЧЕНКО-БУД на выставке новинок ING ENEA MATTEI