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Author’s supervision of the water-heating boiler-house in the town of Ladyzhin

The specialists of the company CHENKO-BUD conducted the author’s supervision of the 5.3 MW water-heating boiler, built on the basis of the biogas complex Mironovskiy Bread product in the town of Ladyzhin (Vinnytsia region, Ukraine). The customer of the project and the boiler house manufacturer is the Kharkov company “Energo-Spectrum”.

The construction of the intra-farm complex of LLC Vinnitsa Poultry Plant is aimed at obtaining biogas through processing of organic wastes of plant and animal origin. The project of the boiler house was designed by the forces of the company CHENKO-BUD, the purpose of which is to provide the objects of the biogas complex with hot water. Also, the experts of the Chenko-Bud supported the project at the stage of passing the examination. To date, the boiler house in the city of Ladyzhin is fully operational.


Специалисты ЧЕНКО-БУД на объекте в г. Ладыжин