Design, manufacture and supply of equipment, construction and installation, warranty and maintenance of energy facilities.

About company

The CHENKO-BUD company carries out complex engineering in the sphere of alternative thermal engineering. It is the creation and maintenance of generating object during its life cycle.

The team of the company CHENKO-BUD

The CHENKO-BUD is a young and ambitious company which entered the thermal energy market of Ukraine as a self-organizing team in the year 2015.

The team includes both “top guns” of industry,  leading designers and specialists from Boiler-and-Turbine Research Institute of Ukraine and Russia, with more than 20 years of experience in research and design of boiler equipment. And talented youth, which, as it can be already said, stood at the origins of the alternative energy in Ukraine.

Equipment of the company CHENKO-BUD

They are professionals who not only have experience in building thermal energy objects, but also widely use modern technology  of business process quality control, innovative software programs and technology in their activity. Personnel of the company provides a comprehensive approach to the implementation of projects with the unconditional fulfillment of the undertaken obligations.

Specialists of the company CHENKO-BUD


Rich technological base and qualification of employees, manufacturing facilities and experience to manage effectively  the risks associated with implementations of projects allows the company to carry out projects both in conventional and alternative thermal energy.

Priority of the company is introduction in  Ukraine of biofuel projects – design and construction of energy objects operated on solid  biological  fuels.

Especially in this sphere the specialists of “CHENKO-BUD” have  already an impressive portfolio of  completed projects, including the creating of objects operated on poultry waste, wood chips, straw, sunflower  pod etc.

Construction of energy facilities of the company CHENKO-BUD


  • «The foundation of every successful project is research and a scientific approach»

We have great respect for the opinion of our clients, but we will never proceed to the project without making sure of the credibility of the technological information that is provided to us.

Often, we are faced with a request for a project, in which there are already some constructive parameters of the future object. Their authors can be both external design organizations, and the staff of the company-customer. Since CHENKO-BUD takes responsibility for building the entire architecture of the project, we can not accept these parameters without making sure of their сreliability.

The main thing is research and a scientific approach. In the pre-contract stage, the company’s specialists take samples of the biofuel that must be burned. On the basis of a certified testing laboratory, this type of biofuel goes through a number of studies: chemical composition, ash melting temperature, caloric value of fuel. Only laboratory-confirmed data on the calorific value of biofuels can serve as the basis for the development of the boiler construction.

Experts from the CHENKO-BUD company

  • «Modelling and testing – an effective way to reduce the cost of a project»

An important stage of the design is mathematical modelling of the combustion process and calculation of the boiler plant design parameters with reference to the laboratory data obtained.

Virtually all biofuels, even of one genesis, which had to work with specialists of CHENKO-BUD, differ in a number of parameters.

The company’s base includes more than 100 boiler plants combusting various types of biofuels, but it is seldom possible to reuse the project and design documentation of an existing boiler plant. As a rule, the company’s experts carry out the complete mathematical calculation of the boiler plant for a given fuel type, albeit with reference to practical experience gained from projects already implemented.

This approach allows CHENKO-BUD to confidently work with the most non-standard fuels that are of interest to the customer – the potential of research and development of the company ensures their successful implementation.


  • «Transparent and literate budget for project implementation»

CHENKO-BUD experts guarantee that the technical and economic justification of your project that they have elaborated will ensure its implementation in the dimensions, dates and with equipment required by construction standards and regulations.

We value our good renown; it remains our goal to build a powerful European brand and become a leading market entity offering engineering services in the area of alternative heating. The company CHENKO-BUD will never take the path of unfair competition and will not provide its customer with a reduced budget simply to win a tender. CHENKO-BUD’s partners may be assured that the project price presented by the company’s experts will adequately reflect market trends and that it cannot be reduced without a harmful effect on successful project implementation.


  • «Professionals master methods of effective management of risks associated with the price and date of project implementation»

Implementation of any investment project is inherently connected with risks, but CHENKO-BUD experts have the knowledge and experience that can minimise them.

Chief risks to project implementation:
Excess of the cost of equipment and materials of those indicators that are determined by the budget.The structure of CHENKO-BUD includes production sites for the manufacture of basic boiler equipment, which allows the company's specialists to obtain reliable information on pricing and eliminates the risk of exceeding the cost of equipment after signing the contract.
Disruption of deadlines production and delivery of equipment.CHENKO-BUD experts carefully monitor the market of auxiliary equipment suppliers; the company has long-term contracts with manufacturers. The company’s priority is regular monitoring of current market trends, and establishment of stable partnerships with leading manufacturers.
Disruption of deadlines for execution of construction and installation works.The leaders of CHENKO-BUD are professional builders with invaluable experience in the implementation of construction and installation works, including in the construction of thermal power facilities. The optimal distribution of the scope of work at the construction site between contractors, constant monitoring with tracking of resources, means, terms and volumes of planned and actual works – experience and competence of the experts of CHENKO-BUD are the key to effective risk management of project implementation.

The CHENKO-BUD company


Engineering Center: Ukraine, Kharkov.

Boilermaking enterprise in the nomenclature of steam and hot-water boilers from 1 MW to 5 MW: Czech Republic, town Trzhebich.

Boilermaking enterprise in the nomenclature of steam and hot-water boilers over  5 Mw: Russia, Belgorod region, Alexeyevka town.

The manufacturing facilities of  auxiliary boiler equipment,  exhausters conveyors,  air breathers, special equipment, bunkers: Ukraine, Kharkiv, and Sumy region.



  • design and manufacture of main and auxiliary boiler equipment
  • delivery of special equipment
  • delivery of building materials and constructions;
  • construction and erection works
  • logistics